Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Corporate Fundraising Tips

Raising funds within a corporate setting takes creativity and good time management skills. With a little bit of planning and teamwork, however, your office can raise a large amount of money for purposes such as charitable donations or community resources. Regardless of the purpose behind the fundraising, there are a number of common principles that can be employed in order to maximize results and get the most out of the fundraising experience.

Decide What You Need

One of the first and most basic principles associated with corporate fundraising is to realize how much money or resources you intend to raise and work with that goal in mind. A solidified, concrete goal with which to work impacts the process of fundraising by allowing for accurate goal-setting. This will also assist in organizing the fundraising event and compiling the various resources needed to begin the fundraising.

By discovering and deciding on the fundraising goals, you can also begin to plan the basics. Watch out for any hidden costs associated with the fundraising process, as these can take away from your goal and can impact the amount of funds it may take to set up the fundraising venture in the first place. Hidden costs such as shopping for prizes or setup materials can impact the overall experience of fundraising.

Take Time to Prepare

Taking adequate time to prepare the fundraising event is critical. Select your fundraising program as early as possible to give a lot of time between the start date of the event and the present date. You will need ample time to collect materials, assemble a team of assistants, and advertise your fundraiser. Promote the fundraiser with posters and advertisements in schools, church groups, community centers, and other public places for the best turnout.

Stay Motivated

As the fundraising event continues on, it is important to keep your team motivated and excited. A lack of motivation can hamper the fundraising results and negatively impact your company's image. Instead, offer incentives along the way and organize your event properly so as to give sufficient time for breaks and time off. If the fundraiser is stretched out over several days and involves order taking, substitute workers frequently to avoid fatigue. Set a limit of ten to twelve days on order taking for the best results.

Communicate Clearly

Communication is of significant importance. It is vital that communication is accurate and timely, especially between fundraisers and potential clients. If people do not have a clear idea as to where their money or donation is going, they are not as likely to give a generous donation. Having clear and concise information to communicate with the client can make the fundraising process easy and exciting. It's also a great way to provide a good reputation for your company.

Have a Variety of Options

If you are selling items or auctioning off various goods in your fundraiser, make sure you have a wide variety of items. Dollhouses, rocking horses, and toys make great fundraisers for family friendly events, while other fundraisers may feature the auctioning of time-saving products or even vehicles.


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