Friday, October 31, 2008

Fundraising Slowdown Likely Till 2009

Investors have seen all asset classes suffer during the recent market turmoil, and the long-term outlook remains highly uncertain. In order to assess the impact on institutions’ private equity programs, and their future intentions for the asset class, Preqin’s LP Survey team has undertaken a survey of current LP opinion and sentiment. 


Preqin’s LP Survey team polled 100 investors during September and October 2008, covering a representative sample of small, medium and large institutions globally. 51 institutions were from North America, 43 from Europe (of which 13 UK, 12 Scandinavia and 18 mainland Europe), and 6 were from the rest of the world. 31 were public pension plans, 20 fund of funds, 15 endowments and the remaining 34 were spread across asset managers, insurance companies, family offices, private sector pension plans, investment companies, banks and sovereign wealth funds. 


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