Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who runs finance at Asia’s companies?

Who runs finance at Asia’s companies?  CFO Asia after 10 years have passed since they launched CFO Asia, thought it was time to ask. They conducted a reader survey that drew 327 responses. The survey shows that the region’s finance chiefs are predominantly accountants, but that over a third have MBAs. About 40 percent hope someday to move out of finance, either running their own business or else serving as boss of another company.

They are a hard-working group. The average CFO clocks 54 hours a week, and nearly two-thirds don’t use up their vacation days each year. But job satisfaction is high and most would choose a career in finance if they could do it all again.

As for the finance function, it has made dramatic progress over the past five years. Finance employees spend more time on strategic activities today and are far more involved in what their business colleagues would consider “value-added” work, such as analyzing channel profitability or helping with pricing decisions.

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